Trash the Resolutions and Beat the Drum of Inspiration

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Ok, it’s New Years Day and like many Americans you’re probably resolving to make 2014 a healthier year: A 10 pound weight loss, a 5-day workout week, or the daily ingestion of kale. Whichever ideas are floating through your mind and about to be made official “resolutions” and active attempts toward a lean, new you, consider beating a drum instead.

What do I mean by “drum”? Your thoughts. Spiritual bootcamp director Jacob Glass was the first person I heard mention “beat the drum” of the experience you want to have and I think it’s a great analogy for your thoughts become things. And I don’t mean whatever you think actually physically manifests the world. (Unicorn, unicorn, unicorn…Where is it?) I mean your mentality, beliefs, and thoughts about a subject, person, or event become your reality in terms of your experience of it and your feeling engaging in, around, or with said subject, person, or event.

Before you go resolution-making for the new year, consider the drum or experience you want to have day in and day out, all year. Instead of focusing on the behavioral changes you think you should make like eating more broccoli or extending treadmill time, invest yourself in the type of experience you want to have and make that your New Years resolution. How do you want to feel about your body? What are the thoughts you want to have about vegetables? What do you want to say to yourself when you look in the mirror? Do you want to be excited to go for a run or crave your Yoga class? Decide on the experiences you want in regards to your self-care.

Guess what happens when you feel good about your body, think veggies are tasty, and look forward to exercise? You choose those things with ease! No struggle, bribing yourself, or beating yourself up, just action. The most powerful form of motivation is inspiration and inspiration comes from you, your vibes, thoughts, and feelings. When you beat the drum of fun, ease, or enjoyment with fitness it will naturally pull you toward the behaviors you’re trying to resolve yourself to do every year. Bing-bam-boom, you’re fit!

Cheers to a Healthy New Year!

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On January 1, 2014

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