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Teaching Myself a Lesson, Publicly

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I don’t like to show my underbelly, but this lesson was too perfect for fitness, weight loss and dieting (esp w/ the NY resolution thing in full swing). So I’m going to disclose a private email I wrote to my Mom about my errant thinking. They say we teach what we need to learn…

“Hi Mom,
I have been feeling swamped and intimidated by my book marketing. There are sooo many ppl out there teaching so similar to what I’m teaching and not even close to well-known, or being interviewed, or best sellers, or anything–but they have 100K likes on facebook! The message isn’t out there and people aren’t getting it yet (that it’s all in your head, not your grocery list). And I have been hit w/ the PTA fundraiser chores (our next one is coming up) and spent the entire day on a field trip w/ Gilli’s class yesterday, so I’ve gotten very little done for my book in the last 3 weeks. Last nite, after folding laundry, I was feeling pretty frustrated as I went to bed. In the process of laying down it hit me: this is about enjoying the process and being truly authentic w/ the message (which has little to do w/ my recent focus of “getting it out there” on a mass scale). My feelings are a huge red flag that my approach is not the one for me: my soul doesn’t like it! I know that feeling resistance or frustration is a signal from the soul that your whole self is not on board–somebody’s being pushy!

I teach enjoying the process and it’s not about getting to the outcome, but instead making the process so rad and enjoyable you easily maintain it and eventually get to the outcome you want (or better) and hardly notice–cuz the practice is now your “thing”. I teach that once you connect with your soul and align your self-care, the shoulds become grief-free habits. And I know this works–w/ the hardest areas of life–so why am I not using this approach where I’m having a hard time? Duh! So that’s my new focus w/ my marketing: simply enjoying the opportunity to express/offer a solution to the world and help people if they are attracted to this message and want a permanent solution. I’ve decided I’m gonna have fun w/ this and started plotting silly videos I can make, taking it all in baby steps–just like I’m teaching people to do w/ their fitness. These are what turns an endeavor an enjoyable, lifelong habit!

This feels different to me today. Easier, more aligned w/ my spirit/authentic self, and more suited to my other job (Mom!)–much more attractive to invest my time into too!”

Isn’t it great when you get to teach yourself a lesson? (And nobody will find out you were thinking “erroneously” unless you post it as a blog! Oh, wait…shit!) If being fit and feeling good is what you want, than just enjoy doing it, a little bit every day. Focus on making the everyday process so rad and enjoyable that you forget about the number on the scale or labels. You might as well enjoy the drive because what’s waiting for you when you get there (to your goal weight/size) is what you’ve been doing all along: healthy foods, exercise, h2o, sleep, etc. On the road again…

Humble Blessings,

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On January 9, 2014
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