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I haven’t posted anything in a long, long time.

Of course I’ve been busy with life (and a remodel) but more than anything I haven’t felt inspired. I’m sure you can relate to feeling uninspired about something in life . . . cleaning, work, exercise, cat box?

But I have a had a couple experiences in the last couples weeks that sorta reignited some passion within me for this work and my own growth.

First, I met this fabulous pod-caster named Zlata. And we had an interview you can listen to here where we really made a professional love connection and had fun while trying to help a bundle of women take better care of themselves, inside and out. (#IAMSEXYFIT is a great podcast and I highly recommend it, BTW.)



Then I got an email from someone who heard the podcast and was very inspired by the interview. I was touched that Ilana was moved by my words. (Thank you for letting me know girl!)

Next, one my daughters displayed some eyebrow-raising behavior and commentary around food and her body, which really devastated me. As in, I’m crying while I’m trying to wash my face-devastating! Maybe most moms wouldn’t be so flipped out, but her issue was my issue for most of my preteens and young adulthood. So, it hit me hard and it’s difficult for me to hear the all-too-well-known-by-women sexist, body-shaming mindset from my daughter. (I will write more about this later–bc it is BIG for me/most women!)

Lastly, I got my first piece of hate mail about my book! (I know it’s hard to believe that it took so long, but someone hates me & what I wrote and had to let me know!) It’s not easy to be criticized and I knew that it was always a risk (esp w the way I talk) in publishing a book, writing articles or a blog. But I never expected to feel ok about it.

I actually felt ok about this stranger calling me a “fucking idiot”, among other things. In fact, I was kinda stoked–except that she slammed me in a book review. #notcool ( I can write more about this too!)

I realized that each of these mini-events of the last few weeks came from me taking a risk to write/publish Love Yourself Fit a couple years ago. Two years later, it’s created another new connection (w Zlata), fresh inspiration (for Ilana), a reminder why I do this work and a call to dig deeper into my own issues (my daughter), and the willingness to be shot-at and risk again (the hate letter author).

Love, inspiration, issues and hate . . . We all have these experiences, but can they serve us? Can what is provoked within us move us in a better direction?

They moved me to write again.



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On July 28, 2017
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