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Let’s talk #s & the Munchies (Vol 2)

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I don’t mean hashtags–I mean numbers sister!


I usually don’t talk numbers when it comes to eating, exercise, or weight maintenance; I find them impersonal and distracting. However, when you are dealing with the Munchies, all bets are off. Sometimes you gotta go beyond your comfort zone to adequately redirect yourself from food-coma induction.


(continuing from Vol 1)

3. Sleep. You’ve heard it before but I am going to say it differently: Sleep Kills the Munchie Monster. Sleep always affects your appetite. Those who sleep more, eat less. Think about it: what is your body’s source of energy? Food! So when you body is tired, it will crave more energy, a.k.a. food–particularly sweet, fatty, energy-rich foods. How many hours are you sleeping? Adults are supposed to get 7-9 hrs. If you are getting less than 7 hours, you regularly wake up tired, often have the Munchies, or find yourself draggin-ass (sorry to use this medical term; it means lacking energy btwn 2-4pm) in the afternoon, you need more ZZZ instead of more calories. Strive for 10 extra minutes each night.


4. Give it 25 minutes. Hunger pains only last 30-45 minutes and we aren’t even talking about the (technical) 12-24 hour spread between meals it takes to actually have hunger contractions. We’re talkin food horny! (I talk more about “food horny” in my soon to be released book Love Yourself Fit.) If you can delay your indulgence for 1/2 hour, the Munchies will pass and you’ll be fine. The Munchies are a temporary feeling you’re experiencing. Distract yourself with a shower, hot bath, nap (esp if you’re under 7 hrs.), sex, wash your car–whatever! Choose not to make a semi-permanent decision–like binging–for a temporary feeling. Allow the urge to pass by redirecting your attention and physical self.


5. Try the 80-20 plan. Basically give yourself 1 or 2 days “off” of trying to achieve nutritional perfection and lose 40 lbs each week. This is one of the main tools I used for overcoming the Munchies and binging. 80% of the week eat stellar, 20% of the week (Sat & Sun for me) eat whatever you want. If you are really struggling with overeating this will take you from:


A. Out of Control to

B. Controlled Binging to

C. Less Binging (learning how to listen cause you feel SO crappy after the weekend) to

D. No Need for Control or Binging; You Naturally Listening to Your Body


There is another tool that works beautifully with the 80-20 plan, so look forward to that next week. Add all of these to your Munchie-Crunching tool box (and tune in again early next week for another round of tips).


Give Yourself a Hug from Me!

Lisa N


PS: Be on the lookout for my made over website (Currently in progress.) There will be lots of helpful goodies to download for free! I’ll keep you posted.

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