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It’s not poop; it’s chocolate!

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So you’re stuck with extra weight: you wanna lose it, know you gotta start doing this and stop eating that, but it’s sooo hard to get started and even harder to stick with it. You feel listless about it, unmotivated, need a boost to get you going, but sit, stranded on the side of the road in Procrastinationville. You’ve been here before…you’re stuck sister!

Whether you are stuck in traffic or enduring an unwelcome door-to-door sales call, being stuck in an uncomfortable situation is unpleasant at best. But the worst, lamest place to be stuck is within yourself–at a stalemate in your mind. When you know there is another option but remain undecided or unable to move forward on something–while wanting it to be different–is the worst of the worst! You try to push yourself, seek out the newest workout or dietary quick fix, but frustration, anger, sadness, blame, and guilt loom as you attempt to force yourself to move forward.

But millions are right there with you, stuck in the same place with the same issue: BODY. Yes, B-O-D-Y (as in a four letter word). Many of us want so badly to get into good shape and we have tons of resources to guide or assist us in doing so. You can relate to wanting to rock a bikini in summertime or get back into your skinny jeans, can’t you? But you, and millions of others, though well-versed on what to do, are lost on how-to deal with fitness mind paralysis: How-to you get yourself to do the whats (eating and exercise) you know you need to do to get & stay fit.

Not doing “the whats” to get or stay fit won’t be cured by pushing yourself harder or implementing a food police state. This kind of stuck is from fear: you’re afraid to be uncomfortable. Overeating or not exercising is a decision you make from a desire for comfort or a desire to avoid discomfort. It’s an unwillingness to be uncomfortable. However most of the time you spend unwilling to be uncomfortable you’re actually quite miserable. Think about it, you’re swimming in a pond of misery everyday with a less-then-fit body and disgruntled mindset, drowning in frustration, drained energy, and mean self-talk which is 10-times worse than avoiding goodies, getting up 15 minutes early to do crunches, or turning off the T.V. to take a walk. You’re choosing the misery of being stuck over the possibility you may feel uncomfortable. Being in fitness paralysis because you’re afraid to be uncomfortable is like being afraid to eat Easter candy because it looks like poop…”Those look like turds. Brown and round, and only here when that big bunny’s been in my house. They gotta be Easter Bunny turds!”

Believe the fitness freaks when they say “It’s not poop–it’s chocolate!” Being fit, healthy, and strong feels great mentally and physically and it’s not nearly as bad as living in fitness paralysis. Choosing teeny tiny bits of discomfort will yield huge amounts of feeling good each day. Though these choices may look scarey or shitty from where you are right now, they’re simply a series of tiny choices you make each day. These choices are centered around feeling good long-term not harsh discipline, verbal self-abuse, or prolonged discomfort. This practice is not a giant scarey leap, it’s a small, kind choice. And then another little choice. And so on.

If you can stand the everyday pain of living in a hate-my-body state of mind, you can stand the discomfort of passing up the tortilla chips tonight. Pick 2 or 3 small, palatable things today to move yourself into a state of health, strength, and well-being. Do it again tomorrow, and the next day, and soon you will find yourself swimming in a sweet, chocolatey practice of self-care!

Photo compliments of Maggie Smith &

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On April 18, 2014
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