Hoppy, Healthy Easter Baskets!

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Okay Easter Bunnies, none of us wants to deal with the sugar crazies at 11:30 am or have cheap plastic crap lingering around our houses until June. But what else can you do? Easter is about jellybeans and candy eggs, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be. You can save yourself time, money, and tummy aches by adjusting your bunny’s shopping list to include useful and healthy items that you’ll have to buy in 2 months from anyhow.

Here are 6 fun and healthy ideas to help your family’s bunny create a sunny, smiley Easter morning.

1. Summer apparel—This one is a no-brainer! In less than 2 months you are going to have to buy your kids swimsuits, rash guards, sun hats, shorts, dresses, and flip flops. So why wait? You can get a better selection and save yourself some cash by choosing these items now (vs. spending $$ to fill baskets with cheap crap and then have to buy suits in May).

2. Beach toys, towels & accessories—Summer is right around the corner, so why not get your supplies and toys early? Colorful sand toys, sunglasses, flavored lip balms, Frisbees, inflatable or pool toys are all great options.

3. Books! Didn’t you know the Easter Bunny is totally into reading? Spring Break, Easter day, weekends and summertime, there are plenty of opportunities for reading and books fit perfectly into baskets.

4. Dark Chocolate. Don’t be a nutrition Nazi! Kids love candy and it’s a fun tradition, just choose better quality items. Dark chocolate bunnies and M&Ms are a better choice than milk chocolate candies, and most are still sweet enough for kids. Gummy bear type candy is lower in calories than many other kinds. And many bars are better than candy, and colorful, tasty alternatives. Try Lunas, KIND, Zbars.

5. Plastic Eggs Alternatives—Fill plastic eggs with something other than candy. Coins (the change you’re dumping into a jar!), lip balm or nail polish or tiny sample perfumes for girls and marbles or Nerf bullets for boys, or other tiny toys work great and are still fun for kids to find and open.

6. Wish List Items. Has your child wanted a poster or CD? Perhaps a small decorative pillow or LED candle? A new softball or glove? Search Pintrest for kids room décor or walk thru a sporting goods store for small, coveted items your child has been wishing for.

Think beyond the bar–candy bar! Take this list and run with it…maybe you have even more ideas or these sparked a creative brainstorm. There are so many useful items that can overfill your baskets with color, activity, and learning but still make smiling faces.

Hoppy Easter!

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On March 1, 2015
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