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Fitness Doesn’t Fit Us

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I’m officially going rogue: I’m not blogging about fitness anymore.

For the last year I have been online twittering, reading blogs, checking out Facebook pages and linking-in…Seeing the same fitness, exercise, diet, goal-setting info regurgitated with different spins and titles. This is nothing new, the info or the approach: eat this, do that, or the research flip-flop “this is evil–wait, maybe its not–no, it is evil–we were wrong–only 4 oz/day is evil–wait…” Seeing all this info repeated ad nauseam without really helping people shift to living healthy or balance their weight, has (say this with a German accent) grown tiresome.

(The website has a cool interactive map (see below) of how the US obesity rates have continued to grow over the last 20+ years and reflects what I feel is our traditional, but less-than-helpful approach to fitness and weight loss.)

obesity map us 2013jpSo I’m putting my all my chips on the table and going mental. That’s right, I’m not preachin’, teachin’ ‘n’ postin’ what the 592,693 other fitness bloggers, magazines or experts are telling you about eating this, drinking that, or encouraging you to take on the “30 Day Unsafe-Exercise Challenge!” Enough already; it’s not working for you (or anyone without the mutated fitness gene). Fitness doesn’t fit us anymore! We need a new age of fitness; an effective whole-self, I-like-this-encompassing approach that works to change the way we do this weight maintenance/fitness thing into an easy-healthy-daily thing.

Struggling with fitness or weight loss at this point in history has little to do with the amount or quality of resources and information, and everything to do with your thinking and feelings about exercise, your body and food. Yes, I’m saying it: Getting or staying fit no longer has anything to do with the physical. You know what to do, you just don’t do it consistently and that’s not coming from any where but your frame of mind.

Your mindset, thoughts and feelings, and your vibes & energy about fitness are what makes or breaks your self-care (fitness). Wait, before you pull out the Hippie-Be-Gone spray let me clarify what I mean by your vibes or energy. Thoughts are vibrations or energy waves, as are feelings. We can’t see them or measure them with calipers, but we can feel them and see the results of them in the world around us and our own households. Like the salesman that gives you the BS pitch or your sad girlfriend who walks in the room with a smile on her face–you know (and can feel) something is just not right. Those are vibes and they don’t bite–so don’t let them (or the hippies that talk about them) scare you. I like to think of them as PRF waves (Psychological Radio Frequency) shooting or flowing through the air, your body and mind pretty much all the time.

So stop wasting your energy on abstaining from entire food groups or forcing yourself into effortful exercise, and focus every once of energy you’ve got on retraining your mindset. (It is your brain, the way you think and feel, that needs the 6-week boot camp!) Because all of your choices come from your mind, not from what you intellectually know. Fitness always, always happens first in the mind, and then in the body. Learn to use the muscle between your ears–the most powerful muscle you’ve got–to make self-care an easy, likable daily practice. You can find my step by step guide on mind training on amazon.

The free-be version of shaping up your mindset with “Your What”, will be the focus of my next post.

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On October 8, 2014
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