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A Fit Mom’s Recipe for the Summertime Self-Care Siphon

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June is the first course in summer’s heaping plate of fun: social gatherings, fruity cocktails, and all the white clothes–previously quarantined in your closet–burst onto you proverbial plate to kick off the summertime. However, this lovely-weathered month also brings a dark and ominous season for all moms . . . THE SUMMER-TIME SUCK!

Sure, it sounds fun and innocent, but we moms know what summertime means to those of us with young kids: the great time-suck has begun! Your children, once occupied for 6.5 hours a day, now hound you with camps, beach outings (a.k.a. sand everywhere), play dates galore, daily sack lunches, and of course the sugar-cranks (the late afternoon “Can we getta’ ice cream?”, accompanying hyperactivity, and following whiny-little-shit-fest by 7:30). What does all of this mean to you? You’ll be investing way more time in chauffeur ‘n’ chef duty and less time on your self-care, a.k.a. fitness. But don’t worry; there are plenty of ways for you to fit fitness onto your plate this summer! Check out these summertime tips:

Tip #1: Join a gym with childcare.

L.A. Fitness and 24 Hour Fitness have both recently upgraded or redone their kids clubs. Your local YMCA usually offers childcare as well. They each have a time limit and specific hours they offer childcare, so check before you join. Play your cards right and you may be able to fit in a moment alone with a smoothie or a chapter or two of a good book!

Tip #2: Stop thinking in 30-60 minute increments; Start thinking 10-15 minute intervals.

You don’t need to segregate an entire hour to get your workout-on! You can do plenty in 10-15 minutes. The science gods say 10 minutes 3 times/day offers the same benefits as 30+ min of cardio. See tip #3.

Tip #3: Train 1 or 2 body parts a day.

Use Lisa’s “4 Basic ‘Food’ Groups of Strength Training” to fit in 2-3 full body workouts every week. Pick 2 body parts, e.g. back & chest, and interval two exercises (like rows & push-ups) 3 times, back to back. Save the 30 min sessions for cardio or, if you have an hour, “eat” the whole plate!
















Tip #4: Morning, morning, morning!

Get ‘er done! First thing in the a.m. do your 2-3 sets of exercises for 10-15 min and be done with it. Give your body what it needs to be healthy and remember fitness should enhance your life, not take it over.

Tip #5: Use the Park, Bark or Shark recipe.

When you want to spend time with the kids or run too late to fit in a workout, try the Park, Bark or Shark recipe. Play tag at the park, do a playground workout (youtube is your friend), jump rope or bring a yoga mat for sun salutations. An evening or a.m. dog walk would make everyone happy—bark! And you can’t go wrong hitting the surf for some boarding or swimming at the beach. Try a deep-sand run within range of your kiddos or plank on your towel 3-5 times.

Good self-care is in-season any time of year, but is sweetest and easiest when you fill your plate with small summertime portions. (And keep your little vampires away from it!)

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