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Evolve, Balance & Flow!

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Slide1I suck at cooking. I don’t enjoy pretending I’m a chef, but I want to eat healthy and, unfortunately, I have taste buds. So the combo of those three items makes for a craptacular weekly dinner menu in my house. I under or over plan meals, my flavor combos are in marital therapy (e.g.: the cilantro is not getting along w the Cheerios) and, did I mention, I hate cooking. It’s not pretty and my very tolerant husband (thank you honey) puts up with a lot of semi-edible dishes.

When I think about the areas of my life that suck, they are the parts that I need to evolve my thinking or shift how I’m operating. Sometimes I don’t need an entire evolution, I’m just slightly out of balance by being either too pressured or insecure or whatever.

Whatever the area might be, there’s no flow. My energy is anxious, jammed up or off-center, and so become (or already are?) my actions. Can you relate? Are there parts of your life┬áthat suck or that you struggle with, sometimes in the most basic or minuscule ways while others you’re solid or handle really well?

One of my solids is self-care: I rock at self-care. The daily gym visits, listening to my body, meditating, counseling/coaching, time alone, eating healthy stuff (including Oreos) are all easy for me. Yes they are healthy, as are most foods, when your entire head isn’t in the bag. Anyway, fitness used to be a massive struggle everyday, including a full-fledged Novella in my closet each morning (complete w crying and cursing in Spanish) trying to find something to wear, and giant vacillations between Fitness-Nazi Lisa and Couch Potato Lisa.

Life changed when I found a way to think about fitness and my body that completely and radically shifted my behavior. It wasn’t a diet or workout or even a “lifestyle” (“lifestyle” nowadays being akin to a congressional representative you elect who tells you it’s gonna be one way and then you find out it’s not–it is diet and exercise!). This is a way of thinking that shifted me. I lost 40 lbs. and haven’t seen it since before the turn of the century. (I don’t mean money, in case you’re British.)

Most women don’t have ease and flow with self-care and fitness–and most don’t even know they need to change their minds before they can expect their bodies to maintain a change. But you do! And that’s what I do now: I help women change their minds so that exterior changes flow easily and stick conclusively.

Evolve, Balance & Flow is that class. It is direct learning with me, personal evolution with a road map and the fab-fem group dynamic, a.k.a. support, understanding and safety (and wine, duh). My max is 10 San Diego County women, so email me right away if you’re interested.

And for anyone offering “Enjoy Cooking While Sober” classes I will consider a barter.


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On September 16, 2015
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