Ahhh-ctober: Exorcise Your Demons!

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As Halloween fast approaches, one can’t help but associate this time of year with demons and ghosts. Old scary movies play away on cable channels and a drive down any neighborhood street is sure to reveal at least one grave or goblin. One can’t help feeling some type of wicked inspiration, be it candy purchases by the pound, donning a scantly made costume or the too-adorable-to-pass-up, over-priced pet costume.

But this week I would ask you to take another view of the metaphysical terrors surrounding you. I would ask you to consider the remainder of October an opportunity to exorcise your own demons. What do I mean? Well, October officially launches the holiday season, and with it, the “demons” of “evil” foods, the dread of holiday weight gain and, most especially, unresolved discomforts in your psycho-emotional realm.

Let me give you a personal example. After several incidences in my personal life this past 3-4 weeks I have had to dig into some really uncomfortable areas: insecurities, priorities and boundaries. I have had to ask questions and seek guidance on major stuff in my life…Why am I choosing to spend my time unprofitably? What is driving me to focus myself in one area and slightly ignore another/others? Why am I “needy” about this or that? Which of my thought-habits is making me feel like shit about projects, events or goals? And why am I complaining about other people’s complaints? (Complaining about complaints–ironic. Helpful? No.)

When you take the personal self-care time to address the thought-areas that are clearly throwing you off center or creating a crappy feeling or mindset, you enhance every part of your life and each of your relationships. When you shift your mindset, you change the lenses with which you see your world, your body and food. An upgraded mindset allows you to make better self-care decisions, listen to your body more fully and helps you to show up for those gym-dates you’ve been meaning to make.So I took several days last week to process my thoughts and feelings, using the techniques in my book.

We wonder why things don’t change in our lives, why we continue to struggle with food or weight, or even why kids are shooting one another in high schools, but when do any of us take time for mental fitness? A thought-habit upgrade? Or a resolution of old hurt feelings? Our stuck-ness is not a mystery and mental fitness is not devastating or difficult. Actually, it’s almost easy and clearing out your emotional luggage is an amazing feeling.

Use the Mental Fitness Exercises in my book or on the website for a step-by-step guide to upgrading your mindset and resolving stale hurts. Or contact me for a free coaching session. Because there’s a blissful, fully functioning light and love-filled you inside, waiting to discard the “demon” crap you’re carrying and enjoy a fully indulged-in, weight maintained holiday season!

So take this week, declare this last week of October the “Exorcise Your Demons!” week and let’s turn the end of October into Ahhhctober!

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On October 26, 2014
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