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    The path to easy, kind, and lasting self-care


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    Free yourself from your battle with fat, food & fitness


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    Love Yourself Fit is a peace treaty with your body and a personal training manual for your mind.



What if all the resources for couples only taught the physical act of love? A plethora of experts, trainers, and videos only teaching you how-to-have-great-sex skills would leave you struggling to maintain a healthy, long-term relationship.

“The last place fitness appears is your body . . . the first place is your mind.” L Nordquist


If you’re struggling to find time to take care of yourself or feeling like a failure at staying fit, you are in a similar predicament. The vast majority of the resources only teach the physical act of fitness. Yet, learning how to be healthy and stay fit is a series of choices you make all day, every day and these choices permeate every aspect of your person, life, mind, emotions, and body. If you have only learned the physical aspects of fitness, exercise and eating, and struggle to maintain it all, no amount of physical input, information, or manipulation will end your battle.

You probably know what to do to be healthy and fit, but probably struggle to do it consistently. For most, fat, food, and fitness has become a long-running war, and your body is the battleground.


Love Yourself Fit (LYF) is an end to this war, and evolution of your mindset, and the beginning of an authentically positive body image. It’s a method for creating easy, kind, and lasting self-care. Love Yourself Fit is self-care your mind, body and spirit.



Email Lisa for more info: lisa(at)loveyourselffit(dot)com




It seems like I struggled forever with exercise, food, fat, and hating my body. So much of my life I hated to exercise, I overate or binged regularly, hated how I looked, and tried everything to lose weight and win the war against my body. It didn’t work.

I was raised with Science of Mind; psychology and new thought were pervasive in my household. So I knew there was more to this ongoing battle than my personal aversion to sports or my love of peanut butter and cookies. I knew my war was coming from within, and I knew the only route to peace would come from the same place, within. I decided I would find a way to do this, to find peace mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It took me a decade, but I found it! I took nutrition courses in college and got my B.A. in Psychology (UNLV, 1997). I was trained in personal training, group exercise, Yoga and Tai Chi (SSC, 1999) and certified (ACE, 1999) as a personal trainer. I went on to learn coaching (International Coach Training, Thomas Leonard 2002/Core Dynamics Coaching, Tom Stone 2011).
Over the years, working with clients as a personal trainer, I witnessed repeatedly what I teach today: true fitness and lasting health are not maintained by external physical perimeters, rather with the whole self, guided by spirit and united with mind. Today, I continue my spiritual practice (love Jacob Glass) and my biggest impetus for growth are my relationships: my children and husband help me to practice and learn each day. I am so grateful. I enjoy laughing, fun friends, sci-fi movies, my parents, dogs, tropical sunsets, wintertime, and also dark chocolate, tea, and wine (all colors)! I’m blessed to offer this fitness flow I’ve found to the world.



Love Yourself Fit (LYF) is about helping you to create easy, kind, and lasting self-care. There are lots of ways to begin building your personal fitness nirvana.

  • Coaching

    My approach is different from the average personal trainer and unique in the coaching world. I believe there is a substantial connection between mind and body

  • Speaking

    I love to connect with others, and teach. If you are looking for a speaker or a group medium for learning, please contact me directly. I deliver fun, irreverent, and educational workshops and lectures

  • Writing

    Love Yourself Fit or the LYF blog is your best bet if you like to read. I am always writing. If you are looking for material, you are welcome to use or post things from my website if you acknowledge the source.


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Enlighten-up! Be inspiration! Your path is now!



The transformation to a solid selfcare practice begins with the integration ration of love, connection, and tiny steps each day, every day. The things
on this page are for you to play with, use in conjunction with the book, or lead you to other (similar and not so similar) elements of self-care. Enjoy!



Fitness is a process and the practice of it is created by consistent, affirmative input. Conscious couch potatoes: dig in! Browse blog for more input.

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Love Yourself Fit is a peace treaty with fat, food, exercise, and your body. There's plenty of information out in the world on what to do to get in shape, but little available on how to get yourself to do it! Love Yourself Fit is a personal training manual for your mind.

When your thinking is aligned and healthy, your actions and body naturally follow. No struggle to get to the gym, no war with your refrigerator, and no mean commentary from that naked lady starring at you in your bathroom mirror; just a simple, daily practice of self-care. Instead of struggling with exercise, fighting food, and hating your body, your self- care evolves into a meaningful, kind, and simple daily practice.


This unique approach to fitness is truly personal training for your MIND!


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